#7 - Yogic Lifestyle For Women| With Pooja Shah

In this episode, Simiran converses with Pooja Shah about how she started her fitness journey and turned this into her profession.
In this episode, our host Simiran converses with Ms. Pooja Shah who is the founder of The Yogashaala, a Sports and Fitness Instructor, a Yog Nidra, Chakradharna and Pranayama Meditation expert. Pooja shares how the yogic way of living a life can help women get rid of all those lifestyle diseases like hormonal imbalance, PCOS/PCOD, Irregular menstrual cycle, PMS, etc. Not only this, she explains that yoga is not only about asanas, it is more than that and how the combination of food, asanas, breathing and our thinking can impact our health. She also explains how often women ignore their health because of the responsibility of the family, job and many other things and shares how they can do small changes in their life so that they can also stay fit and take care of their family members as well. want to know how?

So, listen to the podcast and learn how you can start your fitness journey now and lead an active and happy life ahead.

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#7 - Yogic Lifestyle For Women| With Pooja Shah
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