#6 - How To Maintain A Sattvic Diet | With Shivansh Sharma

In this episode, Simiran converses with Shivansh Kaushik about how he started his fitness journey and turned this into his profession.
In this episode, our host Simiran converses with Mr. Shivansh Kaushik who is the founder of Yogaamya Fitness Centre, a Yoga Therapist, Dietician, and also Acupressure Therapist. He talks about what exactly is Sattvic diet and explains the philosophy behind it. Also explains how slowly and with regular changes we can adapt the Sattvic diet to our lifestyle, most importantly its benefits and all the changes we will witness in our life. Not only this, but he has also explained the concept of fasting in yoga and how fasting is an important aspect to flush out toxins from our system. But how we can do it more effectively?
So, listen to the podcast and learn how you can start your fitness journey now and lead an active and happy life ahead.

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#6 - How To Maintain A Sattvic Diet | With Shivansh Sharma
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