#5 - Dance Workouts - Recharge Your Body And Mind | Nandita Khandelwal

In this episode, Simiran converses with Nandita Khandelwal about how she started her fitness journey and turned this into her profession.
Ms. Nandita Khandelwal is a Health and Fitness Consultant at cult Fit. She converses with our host Simiran and shares her journey that how dancing, which is her hobby and passion helped her to land in fitness career. Not only this she also explains how with the help of dance workouts we can make our fitness journey more fun, entertaining, yet enjoyable. Which will not only push us to get up every day and hit our workout routine but will also help us to tone up our full body. As dance workouts are considered to be cardio exercises, which not only burn calories but also help us to strengthen muscles. She also explains how we can make our dance workouts more diverse and dynamic in many ways, which eventually will lead us to live a healthy life with a healthy body and mind. So, listen to the podcast and learn how you can start your fitness journey now and lead an active and happy life ahead.

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#5 - Dance Workouts - Recharge Your Body And Mind | Nandita Khandelwal
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